Long time

Hey guys it has been such a long time. I miss this so much but I just dont have time for things like these anymore, honors classes, NJHS, and many other things that are quite time consuming. I havent talked to cubscout9 in forever and I miss em. I want to talk to em. Anyways, if you guys end up seeing this contact me on instagram @ sabsmysavior if you want me to continue this blog. I will try my hardest to keep up. Ilygsm! <3


Hello and Goodbye

Hi guys!,
You've probably not hear from me in almost forever and I feel guilty. Webkinz has been so great to me and I honestly don't think this blog would still get about 40 pageviews a day without her. I owe her so much - thanks wb. It is great to still get messages from u guys on AJ saying stuff like ''OMG! I am a big fan!'' - this is an official shoutout for you who wrote this (you know who u are and I am keeping ur identity secret for u cos you will be bombarded with friend requests which from experience can get a tinsy bit annoying (keep them going guys but stop if u want cos I wont accept- obviously nothing personal but I keep my buddy list exclusive too people I know in real life and help me out with the blog)) - gosh that was the longest bracket thingy ever!! If u do send me things like this I am gona say now thanx so so much- I would love to reply but cos I a nonmem the message would be something observed like 'Meet me at Mt. Shiveer!' which completely doesn't help cos 1. we are probably in completely different timezones, 2. all the different servers make it super complicated and the list can go on on. Hint Hint AJHQ- maybe after years of members testing what they wanna write in messages maybe let everyone do it!!!! OK, i'll stop this is getting to be a rant.
I've had a great time on this blog and have made many theories, leeks, super boring posts and reported almost daily for a year. None of this would have been possible without the following people:
(this is starting to sound like I'm making a speech after winning and Oscar- you may aswell go to lego.com now or something! and delete this blog from you history -please don't)
1. Geckoguy/Bluegecko/Pumaa- he helped me with lots of the graphics and stuff until one day I accidentily deleted all his hard coding work and had to do a quick patch up of it and it ended up like this... In short this rubbish design is completely not his fault! Thanx gecko. I am going to try and make the blog a bit better before I don't touch it ever again - my dedline is 6 months.
2. Webkinz- has helped me hugely with the posts and updated my super boring ones to be good. She has stayed with the blog loyally over the past year even though I've been rubbish. Thanx LR!
3. MisterChunkybuddy- he became a real good friend at the height of this blogs life and pulled me up with him to be one of the slightly more famous AJ bloggers. He briefly did some blogging for me and he helped publicise by  giving me jammer of the month! I didn't notice this til 6 months after when I checked my ham a grams and everyone was congratulating me! Thanx MCB!
4. VMS915- she has now disappeared from the face of the earth but was one of the best blogggers ever! She helped me along with some technical stuff aswell which is unfortunately gone now due to 'the accident'. Thanx VMS!
5. Kinyonga- she has now left the AJ world and moved on to complaining blogging about her life. She did some great blogging for me and I was very privileged to have one of the greats blog for me! Sorry for the little spelling mistake- thanx kiny!
6. Sirhappyviking- OK OK I know you all know she's my sister but she did help me out a bit but I will never forgive her for deleting my previous blog. Thanx a bit...

7. All of you- you are the most important help because what's the point of writing a blog without viewers. Thanx guys!

As you have probably guessed I am now going to kick my self out of the AJ blogging world so I am now going to give this blog to Webkinz (if she wants to). Her posts are far more interesting than mine which when it got to the end were very standard and boring - not like any other blogger I know *cough* Snowyclaw *cough*. This blog will always be here guys so in like 10 years you can look back and see what AJ used to be like - AJ could even have shut down by then! It has been great doing this blog and I've had tonnes of fun!

I will still be around on the AJ side of Google+ and sometimes on AJ but I am quitting AJ blogging because I just don't have time anymore- thanks a lot school!!! >:P

Ways to contact me:

Animal Jam Community! - this is on Google+ and we have over 700 members since I last checked (include the explanation mark)

http://amazingestsongsever.blogspot.co.uk/ - this is the non-AJ based blog that I will do from now on with loads of videos of my favourite songs.

Animal Jam - well, this is kinda obvious and you probably know that my user is cubscout9.

Thanks again guys for being amazing readers! Gosh, I'm getting quite emotional! Anyway,



O    O
''    '''


Merry late New years and X-mas Long time no see and we will be gone for a while for school and stuff, I am sorry this is so short but we will be back